Climate Action Plan

Baseline Emissions Inventory

The purpose of an emissions inventory is to identify and categorize the major sources and quantities of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced by the City’s residents, businesses, and municipal operations.  City staff completed Benicia’s baseline inventory for year 2000 in September 2008.   The inventory served as the basis for developing the Climate Action Plan and for setting GHG reduction goals for 2010 and 2020.  Future inventories will be compared to the baseline inventory to determine whether reduction goals have been met.

Climate Action Plan Coordinator

In February 2012, the City hired Sonoma State University's Center for Sustainable Communities to serve as the CAP Coordinator.  The CAP Coordinator worked with the Community Sustainability Commission to evaluate and rank proposed CAP Strategies for implementation between 2012 and 2014.  In July 2012, the CSC recommended to the City Council and the City Council approved the CAP Coordinator's first work plan.  That work plan was updated and approved by Council in May 2014.  It includes the following implementation strategies: 


Community-wide Emissions

Community emissions are organized into the following sectors: Residential, Commercial/Industrial, Transportation, Off-Road Equipment, Waste, and Water Supply, Treatment, and Delivery.  Local Government Operations are included as a subset of community emissions, but are also measured separately to allow the City to effectively plan and implement reduction programs that address emissions it has the most control over.

Climate Action Plan Coordinator Reports

Local Government Emissions

Local Government Operations emissions are organized into the following sectors:  Buildings, Streetlights and Traffic Signals, Vehicle Fleet and Off-road Equipment, Employee Commute, Water Treatment, Water Delivery, Waste, and Other (paint shop, generators, and other small emissions sources).  
In 2000, the City’s total emissions were 6,162MTCO2e.    
After conducting the originial inventory, the City pledged to reduce these emissions:

Climate Action Plan Overview

The City utilized the data collected in the Community-wide and Local Government Operations inventories to identify and categorize the major sources and quantities of GHG emissions.  The data provides a framework on which to base objectives and strategies that specifically address Benicia's emissions sources.  The Climate Action Plan (CAP) organizes these objectives and strategies into the following focus areas: